of the Lowcountry

A company that has mastery of skills, depth of 

knowledge, and commitment to customer service.

CUSTOM Finishes  

We have been in the business for many years and have learned many different finishes and techniques along the way.

CUSTOM Finishes

We can offer many options and can create custom mixes to get the perfect finish.  Whitewash, pickle, weathered, faux, chalkboard, and many more.

HIGH-END Finishes

We will prepare the surfaces for a smooth solid finish for newly installed shiplap, wainscot, and beadboard to name a few.  Brush or spray.

CUSTOMER Consultation

Assistance with color selections, samples, and ideas. We are well versed in ARB  & HOA submittals and guidelines.  We are knowledgeable in best products on the market today, as well as the best products suited for our coastal environment.

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